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DJ Kool Keith new soulful vibes Saturday 23rd June 2018
June 23, 2018 12:38 PM PDT
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Sweet Life 03:46 Mike Champion
Mammas 03:10 The Suffers
You Only Call 03:16 The Suffers
Love Is A Game (Alex Di Ciò Re-Edit) 05:06 Harry Ray feat. Angie B.
Something 4 U 04:55 Mike Champion
Experience 04:48 Mike Champion
Can't Stop This Dance (Extended) 03:40 James Day, U-Nam & Tim Owens
I Got Everything 04:11 Mark IV
Signs Of A Dying Love 04:06 Mark IV
Smile 03:32 Kemi Browne
Love 04:55 Funmilayo Ngozi
W.Y.A. Where You Are 04:29 Funmilayo Ngozi
Jesus Saves 02:26 Daryl Jones & The Gospel Allstars
Wishing and Praying 04:24 Daryl Jones & The Gospel Allstars
How To Love 03:19 RĀI
Nookie Thang 03:39 Jonte
Call Him 05:02 Jackie Ball
Do Whatever 03:05 The Suffers
What You Said 03:49 The Suffers
Dancing In Heaven (Classic Soul Mix) 05:05 The Groove Association feat. Georgie B & Deborah Bell
Love By Design 03:47 Glenn Jones & Regina Belle
Rewind 03:51 Kourtney Heart
On Now 03:52 Kourtney Heart
Inside (feat. Trey Songz) 04:09 Jacquees
Play The Field 02:54 Jacquees
Keep Blessing Me 04:27 Jackie Ball
I Can't Live Without You 05:45 Jackie Ball
Change My Life 03:27 Show Tyme
Deja Vu 03:48 Show Tyme
Day One 03:47 Joanna Teters
Don't Come Easy 03:24 Raheem DeVaughn
Pssy & Wine (Sergio Selim Remix) 04:52 Mike Champion
23 04:33 Jacquees
London 04:46 Jacquees
Diamonds And Pearls 04:04 Resurface
Summer (Funmi's Groove Remix) 05:02 Funmilayo Ngozi
Abide In Me 04:50 Funmilayo Ngozi
U Don't Wanna Break Up 03:50 Lamorris Williams
Give Me Just A Little 03:58 Mark IV
I Knew It Wouldn't Last 03:39 Mark IV
Show Me Your Smile 03:27 N'Dambi & All Cows Eat Grass
Let Me Say 06:18 Jackie Ball
Ain't Nobody 05:39 Jackie Ball
Don't Get Me Started (Master v5) 04:45 Brian Power presents Kathy Kosins
I'm Your Man (Retro Mix) 04:11 Roxy5000
Magic Dust (U-Key Remix) 04:29 Saucy Lady
The Sly, Slick, And The Wicked 03:01 The Lost Generation
Wait A Minute 02:29 The Lost Generation
Let's Dance (feat. Danny Pickering) 03:44 Janice Dempsey
(I Keep) Holding On 03:52 Regina Madre
All The Freaks Out Tonight 03:58 Birdbone Unlimited
You're So Young But You're So True 02:29 The Lost Generation
Someday 03:37 The Lost Generation
Peepin' Out The Window 04:04 Columbus Toy
Song For You 04:27 Daryl Jones & The Gospel Allstars
To All The Good Men 04:17 Katrenia Jefferson
Living A Lie 04:36 Katrenia Jefferson
Killer Funk 06:50 Hotmood
When A Woman Loves (Brian Power Extended Remix) 06:23 Jaki Graham

DJ Kool Keith new soulful vibes Saturday 16th June 2018
June 17, 2018 04:25 AM PDT
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Morning Samba 03:44 Brian Simpson
I'll Take Your Word For It 03:45 Lexi
Runnin' (Marathon) 04:15 Lexi
I Choose You (feat. Gene Moore) 03:29 Lexi
When You're Really Tired 03:39 Patricia Edwards
Go Stepping 04:09 Carmichael Musiclover
To All The Good Men 04:17 Katrenia Jefferson
Grass Ain't Greener 04:00 RĀI
Get You Home 03:10 RĀI
Hit Or Miss 04:11 Change
Wonder Woman 03:32 Alïah Guerra
All The Work 03:49 Amber Mark
Locked In 03:30 Elujay
So Good 04:22 Ericka Yancey
Cotton Candy 03:36 Al Lindsey
You Got The Funk (Alex Di Ciò Re-Edit) 05:23 Jus' Groove Experience
Love's On The Way 04:41 RĀI
Back To Life 03:45 RĀI
Fall Back 03:45 RĀI
Pay Your Love Back (Taylor Pace And Norman MouseQuake Barrett Remix) 04:10 Eric Debonair McNair
Never Ever (Snowboy Extended) 08:32 Lisa Stansfield
Love Me 03:19 Dani
Paradise 03:51 Shamika
I Want To Be Close 04:22 Danielle Haynes
I Never New Love 02:54 Danielle Haynes
Chantelle 05:07 T. Herd
My Time My Season 04:59 T. Herd
Move 04:22 Dezzie
All Your Love 04:43 JAZZ
Bring 'Ur Lovin' Home 04:27 Yolanda R.
Think About It 04:21 Jameela
Jesus Is My Friend (feat. Paul Johnson) 04:14 Roderick Drane
Heavenly Thoughts 04:04 Al Lindsey
Exponentially 03:29 Al Lindsey
Tell Him 02:26 Trish Toledo
I Do Love You 03:07 Trish Toledo
Summer Rain (12 Mix) 04:57 Cool Million feat. Faye B
RockMe 04:08 DestineeRai
Time After Time 03:25 Bill Brown And The Soul Injection
Fall Again 04:36 Miss Mojo
Rihanna 03:27 Yxng Bane
Feels Good 05:04 Shonda English
I Want That Old Thing Back 03:21 Tre Williams
Dance The Night Away 03:19 Tre Williams
The Fall (Sir Piers Remix - Radio Edit Extended) 04:00 Daisy Hicks
Love Me 04:23 Miracle Thomas
I Miss You 03:47 Miracle Thomas
My Reality 05:41 Dillio
Bed Talk 03:17 Dillio
Take A Minute 03:27 Danielle Bellas
Let Me Know 04:18 Gina Carey
Can't Stop Thinking About You 04:55 Tower of Power
Until You Come Back To Me 03:56 Rena Scott
Make Sweet Love 04:15 Icedoll feat. Lysa
You Make Me Say 04:07 Matthew Winchester
I Still 03:45 Megan Rochell
Floating (Remix) [feat. Joe Budden] 03:47 Megan Rochell
Sweet Feelings (Club Mix) 04:54 Dave Mascall feat. Marc Juan
Never Ever (Rob Hardt Remix) 05:20 Lisa Stansfield
Ahead Of The Curve 04:39 Homemade feat. Kavita
Don't Stop The Music (Eric Kupper single edit) 03:27 Lilla
To Feel Your Grace (Mike Delgado Remix) 06:19 Brian Power feat. Michelle John
In Your Borders 08:21 Joshua David
Over It 03:01 Wiley
Certified (feat. Shakka) 03:12 Wiley

DJ Kool Keith new soulful vibes Saturday 9th June 2018
June 10, 2018 04:10 AM PDT
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This Feelin' (Alex Di Ciò Re-Edit) 04:48 Frank Hooker & Positive People
I Surrender 04:03 Zizi
Smile 03:32 Kemi Browne
All Your Love 04:43 JAZZ
YouChangedMe 03:42 DestineeRai
JustYou (feat. Emmit Jay) 03:46 DestineeRai
Love Me Right 04:52 Amber Mark
I Like It 05:16 Billy Wilson
King On A Throne 05:20 Billy Wilson
My Mistake 04:12 Megan Rochell
Who Are They 03:44 Megan Rochell
I'm Still Me 04:40 Kris G
Bedroom Door 04:23 Kris G
Here I Am 03:59 RĀI
Summer Rain (Rob Hardt Swinger Club Mix) 05:16 Cool Million feat. Faye B
Changes 02:51 Percy Mays
The Simple Things 02:01 Guggenz
One Of These Days 02:59 Guggenz
What Did You Do Today? (Classic Mix) 05:50 The Ebonys
For Your Soul 03:04 Tara Alesia
2Nite (feat. Carol Riddick) 03:51 David P. Stevens
Ready To Love (Remix) 03:45 Kenya Soulsinger
In The Moment 04:23 Kenya Soulsinger
My Next Guy 03:24 Amina Buddafly
Cotton Candy 03:36 Al Lindsey
Midsummer Dream 05:14 Al Lindsey
Love Is Where You Are ((DJSoulBR Mix) 04:20 Ife Thomas
Good One (A Big Herb Remix) 03:33 Glenn Lewis
Dancing Through Tunnels 04:11 Crystal Lewis
Night Life 03:13 Monique Brooks Roberts
You 04:09 Angelia Williams
Who Is She? 03:53 Faye B
Spend The Night 03:36 Jacob Lusk
Hey Lover 04:31 The Brandon Brown Collective
Water Slide 02:36 Stimulator Jones
Tempt Me With Your Love 04:49 Stimulator Jones
Is That So? (Album Version) 06:06 U-Nam
I'm Here 04:02 RĀI
Smile 03:56 RĀI
Grass Ain't Greener 04:00 RĀI
Girl 04:29 Brandon Beal
Too 05:22 Clif Payne
June 03:12 The Foreign Exchange
LateNight 03:03 DestineeRai
Versatility 03:56 Al Lindsey
The Fall (Brian Power Remix) 07:31 Daisy Hicks
Wonderful Star 05:30 Rahsaan Patterson
Take Me Back 04:12 Brandon Beal
I Can See It 03:54 Brandon Beal
All Night Long 03:58 John Reid
You Aint Gotta Tell It 04:09 Dillio
Lazy Saturday 03:47 Dillio
Mystified 04:42 Bashiyra
I Love It 03:03 A Haygan
Rose Colored Glasses 04:50 Het Dutchess
Girl You're Killin' Me 03:33 Klyntel
I Got You 03:32 Shawn Atkins
I Got The Love 04:21 Stone Paxton
It Is What Is (feat. Musiq Soulchild) 03:23 DJ Aktive
Looking For Love 03:40 Tre Williams
When I Get Back 03:39 Tre Williams
Who's Gonna Love You Better 03:49 Tre Williams
I Don't Wanna Talk No More 04:30 Mike Rob
Do You Like That? 04:37 Tower of Power
Get You Home 03:10 RĀI
Can I Take You Home 03:59 Montrell

DJ Kool Keith new soulful vibes Friday 25th May 2018
May 26, 2018 03:54 AM PDT
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Your Love (Nigel Lowis Chicadelic Mix) 06:53 Kenny Thomas
Bring It Back Around (feat. Paula Letang) 05:01 Two Jazz Project & T-Groove
Deeper 04:05 Lisa Stansfield
Luv Ya Back 03:53 Sara Shine
Flavours 03:07 Ajia
Some Things Never Change 03:37 Carrie Lucas
Love's On The Way 04:41 RĀI
Be Blessed (No Stress) (New Extended Mix) 05:04 Bob Baldwin feat. Marcus Anderson
Put A Smile On Your Face 03:35 Durand Jones & The Indications
You And Me 02:44 Durand Jones & The Indications
Here We Go Now 03:19 Ajia
Rock Me Jeffrey 03:31 Elaine Hudson
Music & Love 04:13 Sara Shine
Speed It Up 02:57 Sara Shine
I Can't Wait Til You Get Home 04:11 Elaine Hudson
All Night Long (Russel Small DNO P Club Remix) 05:44 John Reid
Smile 03:32 Kemi Browne
About Your Love (Extended Mix) 05:21 Jaki Graham
Tell Me (How It Feels) 07:05 52nd Street
Don't Come Easy 03:24 Raheem DeVaughn
It's You (feat. Adrian Morris & Pat Rowe) 03:53 Tallahassee Nights Live
You Got Me (feat. Laura Benack) 03:06 Buscrates
Time Won't Wait 04:27 K.Avett
Wicked (DJ Spen & Reelsoul Radio Edit) 03:48 Deva Mahal
Around The World 05:13 Imaa
Love is Real 03:18 Dani
So Gone (feat. Ron Wilson) 04:08 Tallahassee Nights Live
Antigravity (feat. Shakayla Wiggins) 04:39 Tallahassee Nights Live
Love Me 03:19 Dani
Boy (Let It Go) 03:34 Dani
I Don't Wanna Talk No More 04:30 Mike Rob
Hold On 03:34 Kemi Browne
Deep in Love (feat. Mayteana Morales) 03:51 Bernard Purdie
Let's Get Together (feat. Cold Diamond & Mink) [Vocal] 04:22 Jonny Benavidez
Let's Fall Back ("A Very Special Reeno Mix") 11:04 Confection
Get Over It (feat. Teri Tobin) 03:45 Roszunn
Dame Más 05:04 K.Avett
I Surrender 04:03 Zizi
Midnight Escapade (feat. Aaron Camper & Rhymefest) 05:26 DJ Jazzy Jeff
Can't Get You Off My Mind (feat. Detroitlive) 04:28 Tallahassee Nights Live
I'll Be Around ("A Very Special Reeno Mix") 06:31 Confection
Make You A Believer 03:19 Tre Williams
Magic 05:43 Imaa
Caught Up In A Whirlwind (Nigel Lowis Alternative Ending) 07:05 Mather & Hannah White
Because You 03:29 Joyce Irby & Howard Hewett
U 03:43 Zizi
Mile High 03:43 Raquel Rodríguez
You Mean The World To Me (OPOLOPO Remix - Radio Edit) 03:49 Brian Power feat. Marc Avon Evans

DJ Kool Keith new soulful vibes Thursday 17th May 2018
May 17, 2018 01:24 PM PDT
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O.T.M. (One Thing Missing) 05:25 MF Robots
Boo'd Up 04:16 Ella Mai
Caught Up In A Whirlwind (Nigel Lowis Soul City Mix) 07:05 Mather & Hannah White
Backseat (feat. Cozz) 03:39 Ari Lennox
Cold Outside 02:22 Ari Lennox
All She Wants To Do Is Me 05:24 Peabo Bryson
Satin Sheets 03:55 Brittany B.
World Renown (feat. Sound Solution) 04:10 Claude J. Woods Jr.
Bet Ain't Worth the Hand 03:06 Leon Bridges
If It Feels Good (Then It Must Be) 03:15 Leon Bridges
Your Love (Radio Edit) 04:21 Kenny Thomas
Something About Her 03:54 Michael Donaby
Baby I Do 05:15 Jovan
Fell For You 03:25 Rachel Shaw
Be My Wife 04:00 The Temptations
Night Drive 02:30 Ari Lennox
Goat 02:27 Ari Lennox
Strangers Tonight 04:58 Goldiva feat. Sulene Fleming
Did It Have To Be Like This 03:40 Uness
Can I Take You Home 03:59 Montrell
Luckiest Girl 03:19 Brittany B.
Idlya 03:10 Brittany B.
Stay 03:50 Darcell
Love Is Alright 03:57 Darcell
What Should One Do 04:37 Sidibe
Time Won't Wait 04:27 K.Avett
Sweet Harmony 04:56 MF Robots
You Are My Everything 06:45 Sir Wick feat. Sedalia Marie and Sarah D'Angelo
Praise To The Vibes 04:42 Mr. Fingers, Nicole Wray
Company 03:47 Brittany B.
Last Song (feat. Tiffany T'zelle) 04:17 Darien Dean
A Good Time 04:46 Judah Sealy
Soldier (feat. Noel Gourdin) 04:08 K.Avett
My Pleasure (feat. Carlton Wilcox & Jeames Graham) 05:06 Judah Sealy
Bouncin' 04:24 Fritzwa
On Your Mind 03:32 Baby Rose
Can We Try Again (feat. Ledisi) 05:23 Braxton Brothers
Work Me 03:54 G'que Mickens
Shy 03:15 Leon Bridges
Unlucky 03:26 Baby Rose
Lost Inside Your Lie 03:34 Baby Rose
Stepping Between The Sheets 04:29 Dre T Turner
Scary Monsters 04:17 MF Robots
Love To Last 04:31 MF Robots
Dame Más 05:04 K.Avett
Down 03:15 K.Avett
Keep On 03:39 Kehlani
The Greatest (Me and You) 04:57 MF Robots
Waitin' On You 04:01 The Temptations
Push Back 03:41 Ne-Yo, Bebe Rexha & Stefflon Don
You Mean The World To Me (Radio Edit) 03:58 Brian Power feat. Marc Avon Evans
Neptune Atmosphere (You Didn't Feel My Love) (Phil Asher & Mighty Zaf 80s Remix) 08:41 Robb Scott feat. Gina Foster

DJ Kool Keith soulful vibes show Sunday 6th May 2018
May 06, 2018 02:49 PM PDT
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Funky Show Time (feat. Enois Scroggins) 08:06 Two Jazz Project & T-Groove
Mystery (Original Mix) 05:08 Stephane Deschezeaux, Kiki Kyte
Universal Love (Dim Zach Edit) 05:13 Woods Empire
Magic Dust (U-Key Remix) 04:29 Saucy Lady
I Think I'm Falling In Love (With You) 04:39 Vincent Ingala
I Just Wanna Dance (MM Extended) 05:27 Marcia Mitchell
Over Again 03:19 Jamal Thomas Band
Can You Feel It 03:59 Tyra Levone
Leave It Smokin' 03:55 Tamia
Love 03:22 Anissa Hargrove
Jam (Reelsoul Throwback Remix) 03:51 EmKayBe, Ann Nesby
Because Of You 04:42 Clif Payne
The More I Do (feat. Jovan Benson) 05:31 Two Jazz Project & T-Groove
Trust Me 04:16 Anissa Hargrove
Praise To The Vibes 04:42 Mr. Fingers, Nicole Wray
Get Up, Get Busy 04:13 Clif Payne
Dream Lover 03:55 Kenya SoulSinger
Taboo 03:46 Kenya SoulSinger
Night Of My Life (Full Vocal Mix) 05:11 Full Intention & Nick Reach Up feat. Jazz Morley
Move On (feat. Kenny Allen) 04:04 Spur Of The Moment
Follow Me (With Your Heart) 03:50 Aura
Kiss On Me 04:17 Votte Hall
Under Pressure (Yam Who? Vocal Mix) 05:52 Nightriders, Lisa Shaw
If Only I Knew 04:24 Tyra Levone
What Do You Want 04:55 Tyra Levone
Pay Your Love Back 04:00 Eric Debonair McNair
L-O-V-E Love You (feat. Deon Q) 05:01 Eric Debonair McNair
Make You A Believer 03:19 Tre Williams
For The Mamas 04:43 S.K.T.B.
Yesterday's Payne, Tomorrow's Joy (feat. Freda Payne) (Nigel Lowis Mix) 04:55 Clif Payne
Soul Nation (feat. Brae Leni) 04:52 Two Jazz Project & T-Groove
Bring It Back Around (feat. Paula Letang) 05:01 Two Jazz Project & T-Groove
Right Now 03:39 Andy Stokes
Sing Hallelujah 03:38 Michelle Miller Bell
Absent Without Love (AWOL) 04:36 Saint Jaimz
Words Words Words (Vocal) [feat. Cold Diamond & Mink] 03:45 Pratt & Moody
Diamonds (feat. Marie Meney) (Extended Version) 05:16 Two Jazz Project & T-Groove
It's You 04:25 Snatch Nelson
Dream Baby Blue 05:21 The McClintons
Star Gazer 04:04 The McClintons
Felicity 05:38 Walter Christopher
Wrong Speed (feat. Aabo) 03:30 Siaira Shawn
All Night 03:23 Children Of Zeus
Roll (Burbank Funk) 03:10 The Internet
Mile High 03:43 Raquel Rodríguez
We Got This 05:17 My Key C
Baby I Do 04:52 Jovan
South 03:36 Galimatias
Second Guessing 06:50 SouLutions
First Time 05:39 Larry Sampson
Hello Mother 04:48 Sir Charles Jones
Call On Me (feat. Calvin Richardson & Omar Cunningham) 04:44 Sir Charles Jones
Keep God On Your Side 05:50 Heem The Music Monsters
Come On Go With Me 04:33 Jay Nemor

DJ Kool Keith 80s Disco show Sunday 29th April 2018
May 11, 2018 04:34 AM PDT
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Sure Shot (Larry Levan Mix) 07:20 Tracy Weber
Casanova 06:08 Coffee
Soul/Heaven Above Me 10:28 Frankie Valli
In The Evening 06:18 Sheryl Lee Ralph
Dancin' In My Sleep (The Siesta Mix) 06:42 Secret Ties
Take A Chance (On Me) 05:40 Waterfront Home
Nothing's Worse Than Being Alone 08:51 Velvette
Long After Tonight (Is All Over) 07:58 True
Don't Stop 06:53 Sylvester
Won't You Let Me Love You 06:49 Sylvester
I Love Men 07:46 Cinema
Both Sides Now 05:31 Viola Wills
I Cry For You (Club Mix) 06:37 Shy Rose
They Only Come Out At Night 06:25 Peter Brown
Memory 07:12 Menage
Coming Out Of Hiding 06:14 Pamala Stanley
Let Me Feel It 07:33 Samantha Gilles
So Many Men, So Little Time (Extended Version) 08:15 Miquel Brown
Can’t Take My Eyes Off You (Original 12''Mix) 09:35 Boys Town Gang
He Love Me, He Loves Me Not 07:12 Kim Fields
You're My Magician 07:38 Lime
This Girl's Back In Town 05:22 Paul Jabara
I Love You (St. James Mix) 07:31 Stacey Q
Spin It 07:39 Sunbelt
Dancin' The Night Away (Original 12'' Mix) 07:26 Voggue
Work Me Over 07:22 Claudja Barry
Sinderella (Disconet Remix) 06:59 Betty Wright
Once Is Not Enough 05:39 Oh Romeo
Catch Me (I'm Falling In Love) 09:34 Marsha Raven
He's Number One (Extended 12" Mix) 06:44 Fantasy
I Like You (Shep Pettibone 12" Mix) 07:21 Phyllis Nelson
Color My Love 07:41 Fun Fun
Savin' Myself 06:54 Eria Fachin
Deliverance (Original 12" Mix) 07:02 People Like Us
Die Hard Lover 07:18 Loverde
The Boys Come To Town 08:08 Earlene Bentley
Earthquake 08:49 The Flirtations
Menergy (Original 12" Version) 08:47 Patrick Cowley
Wind Beneath My Wings 07:24 Menage feat. Ellen Bernfeld
Angel Eyes 07:48 Lime
Mandatory Love 05:40 Lisa
Mandolay 06:20 La Flavor
Beeline (Extended Version) 09:39 Miquel Brown
Love In The Shadows (Disconet Remix) 06:29 EG Daily
One More Shot 06:24 Oh Romeo
Love Rush 06:09 Ann Margret
Perfect Lover (Vocal/Club Mix) 07:52 Company B
Knockin' On My Door 06:22 Barbara Fowler

DJ Kool Keith soulful house show Friday 27th April 2018
May 07, 2018 12:42 PM PDT
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I Need Your Lovin' (DJ Spen & Gary Hudgins Extended Mix) 08:00 Spencer Morales, Tasha LaRae
Eyes On You (Main Mix) 05:48 Vincent Kwok, Leedia
I Can Show You The Way (Extended Version) 07:25 Kiko Navarro
My Truth (Groove N' Soul Truth Mix) 08:08 Groove Junkies, Reelsoul, Nichelle Monroe
One Kiss (DJ Intro-DJ Outro Clean) 04:10 Calvin Harris feat. Dua Lipa
One Kiss (DJ Pete Down Club Mix) 04:09 Calvin Harris feat. Dua Lipa
I Can Do Magic (Original Mix) 05:17 Karl8, Andrea Monta
Your Love (TF Soulful Mix) 07:34 Momenta, Niara Scarlett
New York Love 07:19 Sartorial, Simon Kennedy
Dimensions (I'm Happy) (Richard Earnshaw Revibe) 06:37 Seamus Haji, Mekkah
Don't Let (Main Mix) 07:14 Ces, Kre'o Rowlette
Light Up The Sky (Soul Slayerz's Vocal Mix) 06:43 Tom Glide & Stephanie Cooke
Inside Me (Original Vocal Mix) 05:45 Daniele Baldi
What A Night (Version 2) 07:51 Tuff Vibes
My Life 05:38 Sebb Junior
With You (Ron Carroll Afro Chicago Vibe) 04:55 Marcus Matteo
Jeopardized 07:37 Sabb
Mabudede (Kususa Remix) 07:33 De Cave Man, TonicVolts, Toshi
Ngeke (andhim Remix) 06:24 Armonica, Toshi
Under Pressure (Yam Who? Vocal Mix) 05:52 Nightriders, Lisa Shaw
Nothing But Love (Jazz Mix) 06:05 Homero Espinosa, Kevin Kind, Yogi
Sweet Mess 05:22 Lay-Far, Pete Simpson
The Sweetest Pain (John Morales M+M Vocal Mix) 08:53 SEL & Gary Hudgins
The Sweetest Pain (MoBlack Soul Vocal Mix) 07:42 SEL & Gary Hudgins
I'm Going My Way (Original Uptempo R&B Mix) 07:49 Adamant, Richelle Hicks
Hard To Fall 05:54 Ancient Deep
Goddess Of The Moon (Mijangos Remix) 07:18 B-Liv
Jam (Reelsoul & DJ Spen Up All Nite Mix) 05:06 EmKayBe feat. Ann Nesby
Dust (Dimitri From Paris Vs. Cotonete Discomix) 07:13 Gizelle Smith
Hold On (Dr Packer Remix) 06:09 Kindred Soul, Get To Know, Kayleigh Gibson
Give Me Hope (Michele Chiavarini Mix) 08:45 Livio Mode, Massimo Barri
Nic Of Time (Stacy Kidd House 4 Life RX Dub Instrumental Mix) 07:33 Melvin Meeks, Reggie Hall
Your Love (Seraphiks Remix) 05:38 Momenta, Niara Scarlett
Your Love (TF Disco Re-Flip) 07:28 Momenta, Niara Scarlett
Lost (Elias Tzikas Remix) 07:58 Paso Doble, Wendy Jane
It's Going Down (Original Mix) 05:51 Ross Couch
We Reminisce (Original Mix) 06:10 Scott Diaz
I Can Love (Francesco Cofano Mix) 05:21 Soulbridge, Michelle Rivera
King Of The Dancefloor (Submantra Remix) 07:25 The Soultrend Orchestra feat. More Blonde
Watch Out (Original Mix) 07:07 Tommy Heron
Weeper (Benny T Remix) 07:31 Toshi

DJ Kool Keith soulful vibes show Tuesday 24th April 2018
April 24, 2018 02:33 PM PDT
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Around The World 05:13 Imaa
Your Love 04:22 Momenta, Niara Scarlett
Hot (M.F.C. Extended) [feat. Mothers Favorite Child] 04:21 CeCe Peniston
Magic 05:43 Imaa
It's A Miracle 04:38 Chris Jasper
Heat 03:50 Lenny Harold
Lover 04:05 Lenny Harold
Hopscotch Heart (Rod Layman Mix) 07:22 GG
Why The Hate (16Bit Short Version) 04:12 SA-HA-RA
Today 05:19 Nadia Cole
Do Me Good (New Vocal Master) 03:26 Whitfield Batson
Funktagus (feat. Willie Bradley & Demetrius Nabors) 04:06 J. Canady
Better With Time (feat. David P Stevens, Randy Scott & Herschel Boone) 04:30 J. Canady
Fantasy 04:36 Tyra Levone
Can't Love You More 05:14 Tyra Levone
Snap Crackle Pop 03:49 Vincent Ingala
Can't Stop The Rain From Falling 03:53 Vincent Ingala
Feng Sway 03:39 Vincent Ingala
I Think I'm Falling In Love (With You) 04:39 Vincent Ingala
Strong Love 04:49 Two Jazz Project & T-Groove feat. Jovan Benson
Feelin' Some Kinda Way 04:06 Brandon Wattz
Morning Sun (feat. Nanna.B) 03:54 Potatohead People
Daydreaming (feat. The Junk Band) 02:31 Sean C. Johnson
Save Me 04:09 Sean C. Johnson
Obey 05:29 Sean C. Johnson
On the Floor 04:51 Terry Harris
Indelible 04:01 Small Creatures
Good Time 03:41 Chico Benymon
No Explanation (feat. Mica Paris) 03:56 Chris Standring
Say What You Want 04:23 Andre' Lee
I Won't Give You Up 04:07 Andre' Lee
Finger Lickin' Lovin' 04:12 Andre' Lee
Oil For My Skin 03:29 Rena
Big + Brave 02:47 Rena
Over Again 03:19 Jamal Thomas Band
I Just Wanna Dance 03:50 Marcia Mitchell
Smile Again 04:24 Teri Tobin
House Of Blues 03:44 Blue Philly Magic
Without You 03:45 Freddie Jackson
Feeling Happy (Club Mix) 05:08 The Groove Association feat. Georgie B
I Can't Help It 05:13 Mitchell Coleman Jr. feat. Ralph Tresvant
People Make The World Go Round 04:31 Kandace Springs
Good As It Gets 02:49 Chrisette Michele

DJ Kool Keith 70s New York Disco show #2 Sunday 22nd April 2018
May 01, 2018 11:42 AM PDT
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Come On And Do It 09:53 Poussez
Ain't That Enough for You (12" Version) 08:56 John Davis & The Monster Orchestra
This Time Baby 07:15 Jackie Moore
Ooh, La, La 07:42 Suzi Lane
Let's Do The Latin Hustle 06:10 Eddie Drennon & B.B.S. Unlimited
Desperately 05:21 Barrabas
Porcupine 03:43 Nature Zone
Get Off Your Ahh And Dance 04:41 Foxy
I Remember Yesterday 04:46 Donna Summer
Salsoul Rainbow 04:04 The Salsoul Orchestra
Sadness In My Eyes 06:45 The Duncan Sisters
Trouble Maker 08:44 Roberta Kelly
Love In C Minor (Full Length Album Version) 16:22 Cerrone
Cocomotion (Part I & Part II) 10:16 El Coco
Feed The Flame 08:10 Lorraine Johnson
Love Is You (Original Mix) 07:53 Carol Williams
Dance (Disco Heat) 05:44 Sylvester
Risky Changes (Jim Burgess 12-inch Remix) 07:18 Bionic Boogie
How High The Moon 06:34 Gloria Gaynor
Come To Me 09:53 France Joli
Romeo & Juliet (Act l & ll) 15:28 Alec R. Costandinos & The Syncophonic Orchestra
Everyman (Original Walter Gibbons 12" Mix) 07:23 Double Exposure
From East To West (Album Version) 07:06 Voyage
Medley: Love Is The Ultimate / Dancing In The Night / Touch Me Baby 14:29 Ultimate
This Will Be A Night To Remember 05:49 Eddie Holman
I Can Tell 06:58 Chanson
Come Into My Heart/Good Loving (12" Mix) 06:18 USA-European Connection
Devil's Gun 07:18 C.J. & Co.
I've Found Love (Now That I've Found You) 16:01 Love And Kisses
Love Hangover 07:52 Diana Ross
Love Magic 07:38 John Davis & The Monster Orchestra
Love Disco Style (Edited Version) 09:25 Erotic Drum Band
Pow Wow 07:19 Cory Daye
Sweet Dynamite (Original Tom Moulton 12 " Mix) 07:25 Claudja Barry
Two Hot For Love (Original 12” Mix) 06:45 THP Orchestra
You’re The Fire (Original Album Version) 05:58 Cissy Houston
Down To Love Town 05:47 The Originals
Hit And Run (Walter Gibbons Mix) 11:01 Loleatta Holloway
Queen Of Fools 08:20 Jessica Williams
Shut Out/Heaven Is A Disco (feat. Donna Summer) 09:07 Paul Jabara
No Romance/Keep On Dancin' (Francois K 12" Mix) 09:43 Theo Vaness
Last Dance (12" Extended Version) 08:10 Donna Summer

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